PhantomSkinz Ultra Clear

All of our Skinz and Screen Protectors are designed and manufactured on-site in Mesa, Arizona. The majority of our raw materials come from US companies, and it shows. The quality of our films is second to none.

Why PhantomSkinz?

We've been creating protective skins for electronics since 2005.  We used our years of experience with urethane films to develop a film that is smooth, scratch resistant, and can conform to virtually any shape. Since then, our product range expanded to include 40 colors and textures.


Unmatched Design

We use industry leading cutting devices to ensure accuracy down to 1/100th of an inch. This insures we have the best fitting skins in the industry. Thanks to our incredible attention to detail, our skins fit better and last longer than the competiton. 

Customer Service

Along with our premium products we pride ourselves in unmatched customer service. We offer 24/7 customer support with our live chat and through our social medias. Our customer support will answer any questions or concerns within minutes of contacting. We also are available to help guide our customers in installing their purchased skinz.

Lifetime Warranty

Our lifetime warranty will cover your skin for as as you own the device. If your PhantomSkinz ever becomes damaged in the "line of duty", we will send you a replacement PhantomSkinz free of charge. The replacement will be the same skin for the same device as originally purchased and you are responsible for shipping and handling. You must simply provide evidence of damage to your PhantomSkinz, along with a proof of purchase and payment for shipping and handling. All PhantomSkinz product are covered by this lifetime warranty. For more information click the button below.