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PhantomSkinz Retail Stores/Mall Carts/Kiosks
At PhantomSkinz, we take pride in offering a wide range of protection skins designed to suit almost any style and any device. More importantly, we use only the absolute highest quality materials and our precision-cut wraps offer the best coverage to the end consumer. We also offer free graphic design services, promotional videos, marketing materials, training, and VERY aggressive pricing to our valued resellers. We charge no franchise fees, no license fees, no royalties, or any other hidden costs/fees so you can be profitable from day one and spend your money growing your business. If you’re serious about starting a rewarding business, submit our Reseller Application and a member of our sales team will contact you.
Global Opportunities Available
We are looking for qualified individuals around the world to introduce the PhantomSkinz brand and start a lucrative business. We currently have resellers located in many parts of the world and are expanding. PhantomSkinz products require little customer education, offer exceptional margins, and sell very well in virgin markets. Exclusive territories are available for serious entrepreneurs. Submit our Reseller Application to have someone contact you about becoming a PhantomSkinz reseller.
Own a Retail Store and want to Carry PhantomSkinz?
We offer product discounts, optional training, and marketing materials to our valued retail partners. We can supply PhantomSkinz in either bulk or retail packaging and have relatively low initial order requirements to evaluate PhantomSkinz in your store. Submit our Reseller Application to have someone contact you about selling PhantomSkinz in your retail store.
Smarter, more efficient inventory
What if we told you that you could drastically reduce your inventory and time to market while at the same time increasing sales and customer satisfaction, all with absolutely zero overstock? Sounds too good to be true, right? Wrong. Our revolutionary skin and screen protector cutting system allows you to turn one piece of film (a “blank”) into the precision cut screen protector or full body skin that your customer needs in less than 30 seconds. It’s like magic, except far more profitable. Never tell a customer “sorry we don’t have that” again.
PhantomSkinz screen protection products are made from a flexible, ultra-high quality self-healing polymer which can be applied to practically any device. PhantomSkinz has been in business since 2008, and until now retailers would order specific skins for every make and model device available in the market. But with the launch of the cloud based PhantomSkinz Xpress-Cut system, an on-hand inventory of 25 pieces equates to literally thousands of unique SKUs. Need a screen protector for the newest iPhone on launch day? No problem, and there’s no extra inventory to buy, no overnight shipping, and no guesstimating sales for each specific model and color. PhantomSkinz Xpress-Cut is the ULTIMATE solution for retailers looking to offer bulk-free protection and customization for cell phones, tablets, smartwatches, laptops, game systems, and more.
Our Revolutionary On-Site Screen Protector Cutting Machine