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PhantomSkinz is precision cut specifically for your Lenovo Yoga 920 and designed to protect it from everyday wear and tear. Our polyurethane screen protectors provide superior protection to traditional screen protectors due to their increased scratch protection and even impact protection with our XTREME products. Our Carbon Fiber, Wood, and Brushed Metal skins are designed to upgrade the look of your Lenovo Yoga 920 without adding unnecessary bulk. Best of all, every PhantomSkinz product is backed by our no questions asked Lifetime Product Replacement Warranty.

The PhantomSkinz Lifetime Product Replacement Warranty covers your PhantomSkinz if it is ever damaged, discolored, or becomes otherwise unsuitable for use while protecting your Lenovo Yoga 920. We will replace your PhantomSkinz free of charge, although you will have to pay the applicable shipping and handling fee as well as any taxes or import duties.

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    Honest in depth review of my buying experience

    Posted by Victor on 30th Jul 2018

    I sell computers at Best Buy. I use my Yoga 920 as an extension of myself to help me in many different ways, including selling. With this in mind, I shopped across the web in search for a skin that offered full body protection and looked good doing it. Phantomskinz has helped me to distinguish my Yoga from all the other laptops in the store, giving it a stylish, personalized touch. My goal was to have the best looking laptop in the store if not best overall.

    My laptop has been sporting the black carbon fiber skin for about a month now. I feel like it has had enough time to settle in and smooth out its rough edges. The textured skin feels good and high quality. I'm quite pleased overall and frequently receive compliments for my laptop's aesthetics.

    However, my experience has not been without complaints. Now, full disclosure, I'm probably being pretty nitpicky, but they are worth mentioning, still since i promised honesty. Upon ordering my skin, I was really excited to get it and slap it on. However, instead of the HQ in Arizona, my skin shipped out from Florida, presumedly one of their retail locations. This made the package's ETA to be a long week until getting to me in California. Fast forward a week and package arrives; somehow, I got sent the wrong skin. That's fine, I understand. I am actually quite good at making mistakes, myself. However, when I do make a mistake, I'm doing everything in my power to not only make it right, but going above and beyond that. For instance, it would have been nice if I didn't have to wait an additional week for the skin I ordered to arrive. However, I understand that shipping is expensive. With that in mind though, that is just all the more reason to ensure accuracy. Anyway, after many emails back and forth with Phantomskinz, they gave me a discount on my next order which pleased me and I look forward to using. It wasn't so much the discount itself that pleased me necessarily, but that appeasing me showed me that I am a valued customer and that my business is appreciated. Customer service is important to me since I am in the same field, and I needed to know whether or not I could recommend Phantomskinz for not only their product, but their customer service as well. I wouldn't feel right about recommending a product/company/service if our interaction was poor. Trust me when I say that I was a challenging customer. Phantomskinz not only endured my ranting, but they maintained a professional attitude throughout.

    Finally, I have one more complaint, albeit a minor one. The skin isn't exactly what i would call "precisely cut". When I inquired about it, it was explained to me that it was essentially to my benefit that it not be an exact cut because application would be much more difficult and frustrating. Understanding that, it now makes sense. Besides, it does not get much more precise. Despite all that, it still looks great and I can feel good about getting behind Phantomskinz and what they offer. I hope this was helpful.

    In closing, I'm giving my experience with Phantomskinz 3 scores:

    product: 4.5stars
    professionalism:5 stars
    customer service: 4.5 stars

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    Carbon Fiber Skin

    Posted by Ray Cabrera on 28th Apr 2018

    This skin is perfectly cut for my Laptop. Simply amazing. only company that makes is for the Yoga 920. Highly recommend.

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    Matte finish: perfect fit, challenging application, great result

    Posted by Yoga 920 Silver on 8th Feb 2018

    - The fit is just perfect for the Yoga 920, I couldn't find a single problem
    - The full body set includes skins for the sides as well, full protection indeed
    - The matte finish skin is the ultimate choice for the Yoga 920 Silver
    - Skin surface feel is just great and quiet similar to the original Yoga 920 surface
    - Skin doesn't show any fingerprints as it's matte
    - The result has a perfectly uniform look, no spots or similar visual problems
    - Didn't have real problems with bubbles while applying, almost no bubble specific squeezing was needed
    - Rounded corners are no challenge for this skin (no bubbles, sticks perfectly, no hair dryer needed)
    - Touch pad still feels and works great but shows a tiny bit of additional friction (obviously, matte skin)
    - Great protection against every day scratches (wouldn't protect against knifes etc. I guess)
    - Fair price if your are living in the US

    - No manual for laptop application available! I don't understand why Phantomskinz couldn't create a detailed Youtube video on how to apply the Full body skins to laptops.
    - They should have included 4 instead of 3 application spray bottles as 3 were barely enough for a full body application
    - The application of matte and clear skins will be a challenge for most users including myself
    - Very time consuming for the average user (2-4 hrs for full body aiming for a great result)
    - Almost impossible to achieve the perfect result with 0 dust or dirt between skin and laptop (on the first try)
    - Heavy price tag if you're located in Europe like I am (shipping + import tax)
    - Potential danger to damage your device due to heavy use of the application liquid (no information if that liquid is electrically conductive)

    So was it worth it ? Only time will tell but for me it was a great fun challenge and the result is very pleasing. It doesn't downgrade the devices haptics and optics while definitely protecting it against the usual every day scratches.

    Highly recommended additional investment in a 2500€ device.

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    Yoga 920 Full Body Skin

    Posted by Xiong on 2nd Feb 2018

    Overall this product is very good and very high quality. Shipping was ok. I paid extra for shipping first class when that's what they used anyway. The fitment of the skin is ok. The holes of the bottom skin does not line up perfectly. The other parts fit just fine. The finish of the clear skin is perfect. It looks great. I would by this product again.