Pro Tips

  • Use a credit card as a squeegee.
  • Install Ultra Clear and Matte Finish skins in your bathroom after a steamy shower. This will eliminate all of the dirt and debris floating around in the air and allow for a clean installation.
  • Use wet squeegee/credit card to remove dirt and debris from under the skin. DO NOT use tape on the adhesive.
  • Air and water bubbles smaller than 1mm will disappear within 24 hours after installation. Please be gentle with your device during this time.
  • If you have a problem with your first installation attempt, please contact us via email or live chat including a picture of the problem so we can help you fix the issue and prevent wasting additional skinz. 


Show Off Your Skinz

Tag us in a picture of your finished skinz. We'll share/retweet/promote the best on our social media accounts.

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How to Install PhantomSkinz Screen Protectors and Full Body Skinz


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