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Please note that HTC Edge Sense features may be affected by our full body skinz, just as with any other case product. If you would like to protect only the glass back of your device (no side coverage) and maintain the Edge Sense operation, we have a "glass back only" coverage which can be requested in the "order comments" section of your order shown during checkout. If you have any questions, please contact us via email or live chat. 

PhantomSkinz is precision cut specifically for your HTC U12+ and designed to protect it from everyday wear and tear. Our polyurethane screen protectors provide superior protection to traditional screen protectors due to their increased scratch protection and even impact protection with our XTREME products. Our Carbon Fiber, Wood, and Brushed Metal skins are designed to upgrade the look of your HTC U12+ without adding unnecessary bulk. Best of all, every PhantomSkinz product is backed by our no questions asked Lifetime Product Replacement Warranty.

The PhantomSkinz Lifetime Product Replacement Warranty covers your PhantomSkinz if it is ever damaged, discolored, or becomes otherwise unsuitable for use while protecting your HTC U12+. We will replace your PhantomSkinz free of charge, although you will have to pay the applicable shipping and handling fee as well as any taxes or import duties.

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  • 5
    The best skin and screen protector hands down

    Posted by Rodney on 12th Apr 2019

    These skinz for the HTC U12+ are absolutely perfect. Easy to apply and when applied right they are literally invisible. Their durability is unmatched, they get better with age and you can't even notice they are there. Most definitely worth the money you will not be disappointed with the case friendly version. And the fact that the U12+ has a flat screen is a great relief after owning curved edges.

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    Great Product

    Posted by Daniel on 15th Oct 2018

    I'll start with the full skin cover. Pros:Easy to install. It's a wet install which makes it really simple to line up and install. It does take a bit of patience. You'll want to line up, use a card or squeegee to get the spray solution out little by little, making sure you are still lined up. The HTC U12+ has a lot of good reference points to keep it lined up correctly; the camera, the flash, fingerprint sensor, and the mic towards the bottom. Take your time and take water out little by little. Cons: I personally did not like that you could feel the edges of the skin on the side too much. I also had squeeze issues after the install. I'm not sure if film on the sides was causing the touches or squeeze to not register correctly OR, if the skin was actually squeezing the phone ever so lightly, causing the squeeze not to register correctly. Also this skin will not allow the included case to fit, for those wondering. And now onto the regular back glass cover. Pros: Again, easy install. Everything lined up easily, all cutouts were as close to perfect as I think it can get. Almost all bubbles or blemished came out overnight. Any visible blemishes left were my laziness/rush. I could have made it perfect but it was close enough for me. Still fits in the included case for those curious. Cons: None really. The camera glass cover was a little tricky to do properly. Almost not needed but I like the choice to have if I want. Final Thoughts: This was a very nice quality product. I did not apply the screen protectors because I already had a tempered glass protector. However I'm glad I had that to compare it too. A lot of film protectors feel "sticky" or as this company describes, an orange peel feeling. This product is almost as smooth as glass, so If I didn't already have the glass protector I would have for sure used this, and will if my glass one breaks or cracks. It does have a nice feel to it, and it's not as slippery as the glass, so it does add some grip to the phone. Overall I would definitely recommend the back glass only and screen protector film. I'm curious about the other full body skins, and maybe not applying it as tight as I did might correct the squeeze issues I had. If you don't use edge sense at all then this may not even be an issue for you. Its a little pricey for me, but overall probably worth it in the end.

  • 5
    HTC U12+ ultra clear full body

    Posted by Rodney on 12th Aug 2018

    Both front and back are absolutely gorgeous and near perfection. PhantomSkinz are everything they claim to be. Applying these skins achieved what I wanted for my U11 when I first ordered the U11 FitBag. Just as I suspected, the U12+ with both front and back skins fits in the U11 FitBag perfectly with cleaning the entire phone every time I slide it out. My U11 would not fit in the FitBag after applying full body protection, it made it very hard to remove cause it was too tight. I'm very happy about this, now I can use my FitBag without have wasted money on purchasing it. I wanted a naked look without taking any chances of getting a single scratch on this beauty, now this is what I have with this combo. The application was very easy, almost too easy as I made it tougher by trying to hard. I applied much more liquid than I should have and I worried the sides were not going to apply right but it still turned out great. I suggest to relax and not use too much liquid, apply it exactly like the video shows. The feel is much better than pure naked, no more sliding off of flat surfaces and gripping the phone feels much nicer. I highly recommend the PhantomSkinz if you want a beautiful naked look without a case but it fits very nice in a case with just the screen protector. I have not tried it in a case with both front and back skins. I think it will fit nice but if you remove your phone often it may risk peeling the edges of the back protector. I will keep it in my FitBag while at work and not in use for a while. Plus it's nice to have a soft surface to place the phone on when removed. I think fingerprints and smudging is better with the skins but it's impossible to eliminate the smudging with something so shiny. After applying there were quite many bubbles I was worried about but they all disappeared in a few hours and looked fantastic by morning. It is very smooth and beautiful looking, it looks as if it is the real screen. Or close enough to it and very smooth. Check out my pics and see for yourself.

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