Frequently Asked Questions


What are PhantomSkinz?

PhantomSkinz are the ultimate bulk-free protection for your mobile devices. They are designed to provide protection for everyday scratches and dings  without compromising the sleek look and design of your device. PhantomSkinz are adhered to the device according to our installation video and can be removed cleanly when you're ready to change the look of the device or if the skin becomes damaged through normal use. 

Our Ultra Clear and Matte Finish films are transparent and semi-transparent skinz created from a unique polymer with self-healing properties. This allows them to recover from minor scratches over time, or when heat is applied. Gone are the days of unsightly scratches which also reduce the integrity of the glass, making it more likely to break during the next drop or shock. 

Our colored and textured skinz are created from unique films designed to customize the look of your device without adding bulk and without compromising the manufacturer's original design. Many of our films such as the carbon fiber, wood, brushed metal, snake skin, etc. are textured to provide the most realistic look and feel. They also feature an easy, dry installation with a special adhesive which virtually eliminates the chance of air bubbles during installation. 

All skinz are designed and manufactured in the USA and backed by our Lifetime Warranty. Some raw materials are sourced globally.


How does PhantomSkinz compare to cheaper self-healing films?

At PhantomSkinz, we use only the highest quality materials and product designs to produce the absolute best skinz available in the market. Other brands use off-the-shelf films which are highly susceptible to discoloration and peeling since they are not designed for use with electronic devices. Many of these films are also very sticky to the touch and show significant "orange peel" texture. Our flagship Ultra Clear material is exclusive to PhantomSkinz and our product designs are the best in the industry combining precision full body coverage with long-lasting durability. PhantomSkinz are also designed and manufactured in the USA with some raw materials sourced globally. We also include 2 screen protectors with kits for small devices, our industry leading Lifetime Warranty (the most customer friendly in the industry), and our excellent US based customer service to ensure the best experience :)


How does PhantomSkinz compare to tempered glass screen protectors?

PhantomSkinz Ultra Clear, Xtreme, and Matte finish are made from a self-healing polymer which means that your screen protector is virtually impossible to scratch, compared to tempered glass which is easily scratched by microscopic dust and sand particles. Tempered glass is also extremely fragile on the edges where the smallest impact from coins or other hard objects can cause the screen protector to shatter. PhantomSkinz will never shatter and protect users from dangerous shards of glass. Finally, tempered glass products suffer from temporary oleophobic coatings which wear off over time. Cheap versions begin wearing off within hours or days and high quality coatings wear off within a few weeks. PhantomSkinz anti-fingerprint coatings are fused into the film and will not wear off over time. Furthermore, PhantomSkinz Ultra Clear and Xtreme films provide significantly added grip when holding the phone in a fixed manner, yet provide a non-sticky surface when running your finger across the screen. 


I can't find a skin for my device. Can you make one for me?

We design skins for dozens, if not hundreds of devices per year. If you can't find a skin for your device, please submit a New Device Request through our quick online form. This helps us decide what devices we should design skinz for next. Also, once you submit a New Device Request, we will notify you via email when the skin is ready to order :)


What is the difference between "edge to edge" and "case friendly" screen protectors?

Our standard screen protectors offer "edge to edge" coverage for your device providing the most protection that we offer (typically about 0.5mm-1.0mm from the edge). Our case friendly version covers slightly less of the screen (about 1.2mm further from the edge) to prevent interference from 3rd party "bulky cases" which commonly cover over the edge of the glass. If your case does not cover or flex over the glass when pressure is applied to the buttons or charging port area, a case friendly screen protector is not necessary. Exact measurements will vary to accommodate device design and optimal film compatibility. 


Will I receive 2 screen protectors with my order?

We include 2 screen protectors with each order for small devices such as cell phones and smart watches. This allows you to try the installation once and get used to the process. Then, once you've practiced, you're ready for the final installation which typically goes MUCH smoother than the first. If you still have issues with your second installation, you're welcome to take advantage of our industry leading Lifetime Replacement Warranty. If you're thinking about ordering a skin for a larger device, we recommend trying a smaller skin first to understand how the film is installed and to test the features and benefits of the product. 


What is included with my purchase?

Your purchase includes the PhantomSkinz you ordered, a microfiber cleaning cloth, installation instructions (link to video), and our spray application gel (if your kit includes our wet apply products such as Ultra Clear or Matte Finish). Due to patent issues, we cannot provide a squeegee in our kits. We recommend using a credit card wrapped with the included microfiber cloth as a squeegee.

Orders for small devices such as cell phones and smartwatches will automatically include 2 screen protectors. 


How hard are PhantomSkinz to apply?

Most first time users feel that PhantomSkinz Ultra Clear and Matte Finish skins are harder to apply than a tempered glass screen protector. However some feel that the wet application provides a better chance at getting the skinz perfectly positioned. Most people worry too much about very small (less than 1mm) water bubbles or air bubbles after installation. These bubbles are normal and will disappear typically within the first 24 hours. The best advice we can give is to install the skinz (especially Ultra Clear and Matte Finish) in the cleanest environment possible. We recommend installing the skinz in the bathroom immediately after a steamy shower. This helps to remove any dust floating around in the air. 

Please note that bubbles caused by dirt trapped under the film will not disappear on their own and may actually appear worse after the 24 hour curing period once the solution evaporates. The following video demonstrates the debris removal process 


How long do PhantomSkinz last?

PhantomSkinz are backed by a Lifetime Warranty and designed to protect your device for as long as you own it. The durability of the skins depends on the skin you purchase, the device it is applied to, how gentle you are with your device, and most importantly, the quality of the installation. PhantomSkinz are expected to last approximately 6 months to 1 year on average. Harsh users who put their phones in and out of cases, or drop their phones frequently will see reduced durability. Gentle users who rarely drop their devices and who keep their phone separate from other items will see increased durability. Many of our users have skins that last 2 years. 

Our colored and textured skins in general have a stronger adhesive, are easier to apply, and are slightly thicker and more durable than our Ultra Clear and Matte Finish products. If you want the easiest and longest lasting installation and would like to change the look of your device, please choose from one of our colored options. 


How much drop protection do PhantomSkinz provide?

All skins provide very little drop protection. PhantomSkinz are designed to provide bulk-free, minimalist protection for users who appreciate the look and feel of a naked device, but want to add some level of protection against scratches and everyday use. Our skins provide added grip, anti-fingerprint properties, self healing (Ultra Clear and Matte Finish), and will improve the resale value of your devices. Our colored and textured skinz provide a bulk-free option to personalize your device while complimenting the original design. 

PhantomSkinz also provide indirect drop protection from drops. Our Ultra Clear, Xtreme, and Matte finish film not only prevent scratches, but are self-healing as well. Scratches to glass surfaces can dramatically reduce the retained strength of the glass, making it much more susceptible to breakage during the next shock (drop). Therefore, by protecting your glass from scratches, PhantomSkinz keeps the maximum strength of the device, just as it is when new. 

However, if you're the type to drop your phone frequently, we would recommend getting a bulky, silicone/rubberized case to absorb the frequent impacts. You can also use PhantomSkinz in combination with many bulky cases to prevent scratches from dirt and debris that gets trapped between your device and the case and acts as sandpaper when rubbing on the device over months or years of normal use. 


Are PhantomSkinz removeable? Do they leave any adhesive residue behind?

Absolutely! PhantomSkinz are designed to protect your device from everyday use and increase the resale value if you decide to sell the device in the future. If you ever need to remove your PhantomSkinz, simply peel up one of the edges and slowly peel off of your device. We also recommend heating the film with a hair dryer to make the glue softer and the removal process easier. PhantomSkinz are made from the highest quality films on the planet and almost never leave behind any adhesive residue. However in extreme circumstances or with specific devices, adhesive residue may be more likely. In these instances, just make sure to heat the film and remove it very slowly. If there is any residue, simply rub it off with your finger or clean it off with isopropyl alcohol and and microfiber cloth. 


What is covered under the Lifetime Warranty?

Virtually everything. Unlike some of our competitors, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to replace your PhantomSkinz if it is ever damaged through normal use. We charge a small shipping and handling fee to send you a brand new replacement skin. Most companies also make you ship back the original skin, otherwise they charge you full price for the replacement, not us. We have the best warranty replacement policy in the business :) For full details, please visit the Lifetime Replacement Warranty page.


Do your screen protectors include cutouts for the front facing camera, proximity sensor, ambient light sensors, etc.?

In most cases, our Ultra Clear screen protectors do not have any cutouts for the front facing sensors or cameras. We began eliminating those cutouts from our designs back with the iPhone 5 and based on years of testing, have found zero negative impact of covering the front camera and sensors. Our film is VERY clear and we do know that providing cutouts allows for grease and dirt buildup in the cutouts, which WILL have a negative effect, especially on the front facing camera. The cutouts can also lead to premature peeling of the screen protectors as well, depending on the design. So we feel that it is best to eliminate the cutouts whenever possible.

That being said, we obviously provide cutouts for the camera and sensors with our Matte Finish screen protectors (sold at retail locations and by special request). Also if there were any instances where a sensor were going to be half-covered by the screen protector, we would provide a cutout in that situation as well.

If you think you absolutely need cutouts for the front facing camera and sensors with our Ultra Clear film, just request it in the order comments section of your order and we will provide them. However we can assure you that we have received zero complaints about covering the sensors or the front facing camera and we feel it is a superior design based on our experience. Let us know if you have any further questions. 


How long will my order take to ship?

We typically ship orders placed by 2pm MST on the same business day. You will receive a shipping confirmation with tracking number when your order ships. 

Transit time for US shipments via USPS First Class Mail (free shipping) is typically 1-3 days.

Transit time for international shipments via USPS First Class Mail International (free shipping) is typically 7-21 days but is not guaranteed and can vary significantly depending on the time of year, and any customs delays. We insure all of our international shipments, so in the very rare case that you don't receive your item within 40 days of shipment, please contact us so we can file a claim and reship your order. 

Faster shipping options with guaranteed delivery dates are available at an added expense. Shipping prices vary by weight and destination and are shown during checkout. 


What shipping method is used for free shipping?

Our free shipping options (international and domestic) use USPS First Class Mail which is rated at 1-3 business days for domestic shipments, and typically 7-21 days for international shipments, depending on customs. Shipments can take longer and the delivery dates are not guaranteed. If you need a quicker delivery, please choose from one of our expedited shipping options via USPS and FedEx. 


Why is your shipping more expensive than some competitors?

We ship our skins as PACKAGES, not letters, which provides tracking and a much more reliable delivery, as well as insurance for international shipments. We used to ship our skinz as letters when we started this business way back in 2008. However based upon our experience with lost packages, we decided it was best for our customers to upgrade our shipping methods to insure that orders arrive when expected. 


Are the online prices the same as the prices at your retail locations?

Typically not. Our retail locations, including our company owned locations charge for the product, plus professional installation service. In addition, our resellers are free to set their own prices which also include additional costs such as shipping, import duties, and taxes.