Custom Screen Size (Watch/Circle)

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Looking for PhantomSkinz protection but can't find a skin for your watch or other circular device? Now you can order a skin custom cut based on your exact measurements. Cutting tolerances accurate to about 1 one hundredth of an inch. 

Please note that PhantomSkinz polyurethane screen protectors will strech very slightly during installation, so it is recommened that you subtract approximately 2mm from each dimension when placing your order (this will provide up to a 1mm gap around all sides). 

The PhantomSkinz Lifetime Product Replacement Warranty covers your PhantomSkinz if it is ever damaged, discolored, or becomes otherwise unsuitable for use while protecting your device. We will replace your PhantomSkinz free of charge, although you will have to pay the applicable shipping and handling fee as well as any taxes or import duties.