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Sony PSP Slim 2000

Price: From $9.95 to $24.95

Manufacturer: Sony

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Phantom Skinz is the latest in Optically Clear Protection for Personal Electronic Device’s (PED’s). Exclusively designed for your Sony PSP Slim 2000, Phantom Skinz will provide Superior protection against “everyday” scratches, dings and debris. Our design team has years of experience and balances “maximum coverage” against “ease-of-installation” to give YOU the optimal combination. Simple and easy to follow instructions assure you that your Sony PSP Slim 2000 will maintain that “like new” look.

Phantom Skinz are made from Durable “Self Healing” film technology that allows most dings and scratches to “heal” after a 24 hour period.

Additional benefits

  • No need for removal when using a docking station
  • Touch Screens work exactly as if not covered at all
  • Screen cleaning is a snap
  • Does not alter the manufacturers look and design


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