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Apple iPad 2 Chromatics

Price: $39.95

Manufacturer: Apple

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Coverage Details

Images are for representation purposes only. Chromatics colors are metallic and may vary slightly from those shown above. Carbon Fiber Chromatics have a unique 3D appearance and texture.

Product Details

Colored Chromatics by PhantomSkinz™ are the latest release in unique protection films for electronic devices like your Apple iPad 2.   Our colored films are handmade film with a durable urethane top-coat. Colored Chromatics are amazingly bright and the colors seem to be “on fire” in direct sunlight.  Our color selection guarantees that your device will “Stand Out” from the crowd.

NEW - Carbon Fiber Chromatics offer an incredibly realistic 3D carbon-fiber look as well as texture that you can feel. Our Carbon Fiber Chromatics are incredibly durable, yet playable enough to wrap over edges and provide the highest level of coverage. 

Available colors – Check in the Order Cue to see what colors are currently available for your device.  Our initial launch is the 7 most popular colors available.  We will be expanding colors as we get requests.  To request that we consider adding a color, please contact us here.

Dry Application – Yes that's correct!  Chromatics are installed without the use of liquids!

Screen coverage – iPad orders include 1 Ultra Clear screen protector

Designs – As with our original line of PhantomSkinz, our designers have considered installation vs. coverage in the design to ensure that your device can have the best coverage yet still be able to be installed with minimal effort.

Installation – Chromatics are pressure sensitive and were designed to be installed without the use of fluids.  Once the film is removed from its backing paper, lightly lay the center of the film on your device ensuring that all logos and cutouts are centered, and then slowly apply pressure to the skin.  Our unique adhesive system allows air bubbles to be pressed toward the outer edges.  Minute bubbles will even disappear overnight!  Corners are pressed around the device with your thumb and we recommend that you use a hair dryer to ensure that all tabs and corners are firmly affixed. 

Scratches – Chromatics are VERY durable.  Scratches and blemishes in the Urethane top-coat can be diminished or removed by lightly polishing the skin with a fine automotive polish.

Cleaning – As with the Original PhantomSkinz, Chromatics can be cleaned using Isopropyl Alcohol with a lint-free cloth.  Chromatics cannot be removed and reused.

Removal – Chromatics can be removed much like any decal or sticker.

Warranty –  Our Warranty covers defects in material defects and workmanship.  Upon receipt, if you see anything that you have a concern about, do not install the Chromatics skin.  Immediately contact our Customer Service personnel with your concern at

DIFM – Do It For Me – PhantomSkinz will install any Chromatics Skin at no charge.  In order to take advantage of this offer, you will need to contact our Customer Service Department indicating that your device needs coverage.  Our team will ask you to place an order for the chromatic of your choice.  Then you will be responsible for shipping your device to and from our Design center for the application.  We will perform the installation.  We recommend that you insure any device that you ship.


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